5 Reasons I Love the Hospitality Business

It’s fair to say not every job is meant for every person, and it takes a special kind of person to thrive working in the fast paced world of the hospitality business. Many enter, few remain in this business for the length of their careers.  Here are some of the reasons that working in hospitality makes my heart beat a little faster each day.

  1. Every Moment Matters – First impressions are everything, presentation matters, and a great or terrible guest experience makes or breaks that interaction.  A bad day, mistake, skipped detail or thoughtless word to a client or customer can lead to PR problems or worse, lost revenue.
  2. You Are Never in Control – Consumer preferences are always changing. Hotels hinge on trends, as well as, shifting consumer tastes. For example, if a local attraction closes, those who work in hospitality will need to stay flexible.
  3. The Pressure – Hospitality careers are demanding in nature, as well as, competitive positions to land. This means many entry-level employees will have a hard time getting their resumes noticed. Success in the hospitality business requires focus and commitment, and if you can’t provide what your employer needs always, you can be certain that someone else is waiting in line to fill your shoes.
  4. It’s Social – The skills required in this business are social and outwardly-focused.  I have to impress people, be charming, remember names, really listen, and go out of my way to provide them with the things they need and want.  These skills require high levels of energy and extroversion.
  5. Resilience – Hospitality requires resilience. You need to be able to bounce back fast from the inevitable rough days, mistakes and occasional financial loss. A positive outlook is invaluable in the hospitality business.

I love the hospitality business.  I hope if you decide to give it a try you will remember it takes a special kind of person.


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